E and C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap – Favourite WCW Cruiserweight, Favourite Match Stipulation, Will AEW Overtake WWE in 10 Years? More!

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Edge and Christian mention that today’s show will be a Q&A episode.

Before answering some fan questions, Edge and Christian talk about the development of AEW. Edge says he loves the vision of Cody and The Young Bucks, and he loves that they’re shooting for the stars, even if that wasn’t their goal initially. They’ve secured financing and saw an opportunity, and they’re going for it now.

Edge also points out that it was cool to see Chris Jericho show up to the rally and announce his signing with AEW. Edge notes that Jericho does not need the money and it’s clear he’s doing this to truly try to help this promotion. Edge thinks that’s very cool.

He continues by saying that a monopoly is never good in any business, so anytime a company rises up like this to challenge the status quo it’s a good thing.

A listener writes into the show and asks Edge how hard it was to keep a straight face when Shawn Michaels’ pants got stuck in the stage grating during his entrance to their match on RAW many years ago.

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