The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Ryan Satin – Thoughts on AEW, Chris Jericho Signing, WWE Drops The Ball With Strowman/Lesnar Angle, More!

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Ross welcomes Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet to the show.

Satin says he’s sorry about the passing of Ross’ wife, Jan, who showed him a great time at a WrestleMania after party several years ago. Ross thanks Satin, and adds that Jan was a big fan of TMZ and knew Satin from his time working on that show.

Ross asks Satin what he thought about AEW’s rally on Thursday. Satin thought AEW accomplished exactly what they set out to do. They came out guns blazing in an attempt to prove to everyone that they’re not some indie promotion; they’re a legitimate start-up that has a chance to challenge WWE at some point.

Ross thinks AEW will be a more reality-based, athletically-centred product, resembling NJPW in style more than WWE. He thinks it’ll gives fans something that’s closer to a legitimate sporting contest than we’ve seen from WWE. Satin agrees with all that, but he hopes AEW still provides some entertaining segments in between all the athletic wrestling; entertaining segments that don’t insult our intelligence like some of the things we’ve seen from WWE over the last few years.

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