The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Ryan Satin – Thoughts on AEW, Chris Jericho Signing, WWE Drops The Ball With Strowman/Lesnar Angle, More!

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Ross opens today’s show by discussing the AEW rally that was held on Thursday. Ross thought all parties involved told the message that they were hoping to tell, that another global wrestling brand is being built in front of our eyes. He thought the presentation was entertaining, and he thought the end featuring Chris Jericho was tremendously booked.

Ross points out that Jericho was the biggest star to appear during that entire presentation, and that’s not a knock on Cody or The Young Bucks. He adds that Jericho is a great “get” for AEW, but he doubts that Jericho will be appearing on a weekly television show because he’s a very busy guy.

Ross points out that with the rise of AEW we may see other talents begin to get curious and start making the jump. Kenny Omega is a big free agent name right now, and it’ll be interesting to see where he ends up. Ross thinks Omega will end up with AEW with his buddies, because he’ll have creative’s ear there and he’ll be comfortable.

Ross thanks the Khan family for their investment in the wrestling business; the business he’s been a part of his entire life. He points out that it’s a great time to be a fan of wrestling, and it’ll be a lot of fun to watch AEW develop over the next year.

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