WWE Possibly Planning Push For RAW Superstar

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WWE has a lot of people on their roster who don’t really get the time they deserve. Some show up more often than others, but they generally seem to lose.

Mike Johnson discussed Apollo Crews during PW Insider Elite audio where he wondered if WWE could have some kind of a push in store for him. He’s been largely forgotten about since his main roster debut, so hopefully, things are in the works for that to change.

“They seem to want to do something with Apollo Crews. Maybe he’s on a slow burn because he is going to be entering the Royal Rumble. I feel like there’s a lot more potential to him and I worry that they’ve kind of used him so poorly that he’s never going to recover.”

You never know if WWE could try and rebuild Apollo Crews, but they need to do something with him. After suffering so many losses, it might be hard for fans to really believe he can win unless he pulls off something amazing.

Crews is RAW’s “Human Highlight Reel” which is a moniker they haven’t been able to live up to quite yet. Only time will tell if there could be a plan to turn things around, but with other options in the professional wrestling world opening up, WWE might need to start using someone with that much talent.

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