Tommaso Ciampa Wants Permission Requested Before Fans Can Draw His Likness

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Tommaso Ciampa is a pretty classic heel and he’s very good at it. There have been several times when he took to Twitter and left us impressed by what he said.

It seems like someone recently had an issue with Ciampa sharing their fan art. This prompted the NXT Champion to reply that if they’re going to be picky about that kind of thing, then he’ll have to start requesting to give permission before they can even draw him.

“Dear Artists,

If you want me to credit you with an ‘at’ when posting your photo, then I want you to hand write me a letter requesting permission to paint/draw/use my likeness. 

PS: your artwork is already watermarked. 

PSS: your ‘hurt feelings’ hurts my head.”

This was a pretty clever way to stop the controversy just in case a fan has an issue with Ciampa giving their work some extra attention. If they want to be that way, then Ciampa is going to get paperwork involved.

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