WWE SmackDown Live Results – January 8th, 2019

Rusev Day

Rusev was in the ring and he was sad. He talked about the bump Lana took last week thanks to Shinsuke Nakamura. Said Nakamura’s actions were selfish and while Lana is at home resting, not as US Champion, not as the Bulgarian Brute with the body of a 1,000 Helmsworth brothers. He stands before them as a husband.

The crowd started doing the “Lana is the best chant.”

Rusev said Nakamura crossed a line you can’t come back from and then he called Nakamura out and promised to break every bone in his fragile body and crush him.

Nakamura was shown on the big screen sitting in the production truck. Nakamura said it’s Rusev’s fault and then he showed the footage again.

“Rusev you crushed Lana,” Nakamura said. That didn’t make Rusev happy at all. He said that he’s coming after Shinsuke and then he left the ring. As soon as Rusev got backstage, Nakamura crushed him with a rolling production crate. Then he laid Rusev out again.

The Bar vs The Usos

If The Usos can win this match then they get a SmackDown Tag Team Title shot.

The Usos started out strong as Jey took it to Sheamus, then Cesaro got the tag. The Usos were looking very strong once again until Sheamus pulled Cesaro out of the ring. Jimmy chased Cesaro around the ring and then Jey took the tag as Cesaro took control.

Sheamus tagged in and continued the assault on Uce. Jey hit a stiff clothesline on Sheamus and he covered for a two count. Cesaro hung Jey up on the ropes when the referee wasn’t looking and the heels took control again.

Sheamus took the pain to Uce as he hammered down on him. It wasn’t looking good for The Usos until Jey nailed a boot to the face and he crawled to Jimmy.

Cesaro took the tag too and Jimmy went on a roll. He hit a Samoan drop and got fired up before hitting a running hip attack in the corner. Both Usos nailed dives to the outside and Jimmy made his way back to the top and hit a cross body on Cesaro for a two count.

Cesaro hit a swing and a sharpshooter on Uce, but he got out of it. Sheamus got the tag and took a bunch of headbutts from Jey. Uce got on the top rope and Sheamus racked him on the turnbuckle with a knee. Then Sheamus got Jey up in a fireman’s carry on the top rope, but Jey got out.

Cesaro took the tag and ate a Superkick. Jey couldn’t pin, but Jimmy wanted in. Suddenly, Mandy Rose came out wearing a towel. She asked Jimmy if she left her tiny gold shorts and top in his hotel. So Cesaro used the distration to get the win.

Winners: The Bar

The Miz came out and Jimmy Uso went running backstage past him. The Miz put over The Bar and said they’ve beat all of the best teams on SD Live except for one. The Miz and McMahon. Then he challenged them to a title match at the Royal Rumble. Cesaro talked some smack before Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on The Miz. Challenge accepted.

Backstage, Noami and Mandy Rose brawled big time. Their feud is getting fun to watch.