WWE SmackDown Live Results – January 8th, 2019

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Rey Mysterio & Mustafa Ali vs Andrade Cien Almas & Samoa Joe

Rey and Almas worked well with each other early on and Mysterio got the upper hand on Andrade until he hit a back elbow.

Ali got the tag and he took his offense to Almas and it was effective. Mustafa hit a facebuster for a two count before Almas caught a back elbow. Ali nailed a dropkick and then Joe got the tag.

Ali jumped on Joe on the outside and Samoa Joe sent Ali over the announce table with a fall away slam. They returned to the ring and Ali was in trouble with Andrade this time.

Ali returned with a desperation move and it paid off. Mysterio took the tag and started working with Almas and he was winning until Joe came in. Mysterio returned fire and hit a kick and seated senton on Joe.

Mysterio hit a flipping piledriver off of a see-saw type move. It popped the crowd big. Two count because Joe broke it up. Rey hit a 6-1-9 on Joe and Ali nailed the 0-5-4.

Almas countered a 6-1-9 into a gutbuster and then he won the match.

Winners: Andrade Cien Almas & Samoa Joe

Shane McMahon was backstage and The Miz came in and wanted to make sure that The Usos aren’t getting a tag team title opportunity because they are the best tag team in the world. McMahon said they are very far away from the title picture. The Miz said Shane can just put them in the title match. Shane said he’s not using his pull to do that. Then he said they have to be better.

The Miz said he’s thinking about going with the white leather for their costumes and McMahon left.

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