Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory Recap – Replacing Howard Finkle, Almost Running Away From WWE, Toni Storm’s Leaked Photos, More!

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Garcia notes that she started commentating Monday Night RAW the next night and she was absolutely terrified. She was told 20 minutes before she went on air that she wasn’t allowed to use cue cards, and she thought it was a bad joke. She admits that she almost ran that night because she was so scared, but she’s glad that she didn’t because her life would have been so different. She had to memorize everything on her cue cards in 20 minutes and that was the way it was during her entire run in the company.

Getting back to the question, she informs that she was in a storyline with 3-minute warning at that time. Rosie and Jamal got into the ring one night and Finkle pushed her into them and she was the recipient of a splash which legitimately knocked the wind out of her. She admits that she didn’t know how to take a bump at that time, even though they rehearsed that spot in the afternoon.

After being out of action for some time after that, she returned at SummerSlam and kicked Finkle in the genitals as a form of retaliation. She reiterates how kind Finkle was at that time, and she also says it’s sad that both Rosie and Jamal have since passed away.

Another listener writes into the show and asks Garcia what she would have done if WWE hadn’t called her with a job offer in 1999. She points out that she was working really hard at that time to become a professional singer, and she was conflicted as to whether this opportunity aligned with her goals enough to pursue. She’s glad that she took that chance because she was able to sing quite often during her time working for WWE, as she sang multiple National Anthems all over the world.

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