Velveteen Dream is one of the hottest rising stars in NXT. At this stage in his career he has proven a lot of doubters wrong and he’s not done yet. He is also throwing a huge tribute out to Hulk Hogan and everyone is eating it up.

During a recent NXT live event, Velveteen Dream found himself hitting a Hogan legdrop complete with poses. To everyone’s surprise, a ring full of NXT babyfaces all took big bumps when he landed The Hulkster’s signature move.

This might be meant as a means to display the power Dream has when he channels Hulk Hogan. Either way, it still popped the crowd.

This isn’t the first time Velveteen Dream has paid tribute to Hulk Hogan because he has rocked TakeOver attire for Hogan on two separate occasions before. He might be adding the legdrop to his move set for the long haul if he keeps getting this kind of reaction.

Either way, it was a very timely tribute seeing how Hulk Hogan is set to return to RAW this Monday.

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Felix Upton

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