Peyton Royce Celebrates A Decade In Pro Wrestling With A Photo For Every Year

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Peyton Royce is only 26-years-old, but she is still a veteran with ten years in the business now. She recently jumped on social media to let fans know about this accomplishment and shared a photo for every year as she walked down memory lane.

It’s been a long road for Royce. Starting in Australia, she had big dreams and she carried through with them. You can see by these photos that she didn’t start on big stages at all.

“Today is my 10 year wrestling anniversary. I feel so old to be able to say that but what a wonderful journey it has been so far!”

Royce fought hard to become a stand-out. After finally catching WWE’s eye that was all it took, but there was a lot of hard work getting her there. Out of all the photos she shared including one with a KFC bucket on her head while she worked with Mr. Juicy, you can certainly see the transition in her career.

Congratulations to Royce for this accomplishment.

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