Impact Wrestling Homecoming Pay-Per-View Results

Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Taya Valkryrie – Knockouts Championship Match (Gail Kim will be the Special Guest Referee)

This was a heated match and they took it to each other from the beginning. Taya fought hard and then Tessa retuned fire.

Special referee Gail Kim was as impartial as she could be throughout and watched as Tessa put Taya through the ringer.

Tessa nailed a Magnum and Taya fought back. The crowd was mounting with the drama as the two continued.

Finally, after a comeback, Taya nailed a slew of moves on Tessa and Gail Kim dropped to the mat and counted to three as a new Impact Knockouts Champion was crowned.

Winner and NEW Impact Knockouts Champion: Taya Valkryrie

Johnny Impact (c) vs. Brian Cage – Impact World Title Match

Impact opened up taking it to Cage and then he slowed it down for a bit to feel out the big man.

The wrestled around for a bit and then Johnny got on a cross armbreaker. Cage picked him up and dumped him in the corner. Then Cage punished Impact against the turnbuckle again.

Cage hit a double backbreaker combo and got a two count. Then Brian Cage hit two “gorilla flips” and the second one sent Impact flying end over end to the mat.

Johnny jumped on the ropes, but Cage just turned it into an electric chair drop. Cage got on a headlock for a bit and then they continued. Impact hit some strikes and a tornado DDT to send Cage outside. Impact jumped on the top rope and hit a sick flipping dive on Cage while the fans chanted, “TNA.”

They returned to the ring and then Cage kicked out after another slew of moves from Johnny. Cage and Impact traded a clothesline for a dropkick and then Cage nailed a German suplex for a two count.

Impact teases a Razor’s Edge, but Cage got out of that. He still ended up on the mat, but he caught Impact as he climbed to the top rope. Then Cage hit an F5 and got a two count.

They continued to trade moves and Cage nailed a huge clothesline for a two count.

They continued on and Cage kicked out of a Starship Pain. Cage returned fire in a big way with a bucklebomb and a slam for a two count.

The crowd was spent, but still excited and chanting loudly. Cage prepared for Weapon X and hit it, but Impact got his foot over the bottom rope.

Cage went outside and shoved one of Impact’s Survivor buddies on the outside. Then the commentary went out and cage nailed a Drillclaw, but the referee was still stopping the Survivor guys from spilling over the barricade. He got a two count.

Then Impact nailed a top rope move and got the win. It was controversial and Cage didn’t look happy.

Winner: Johnny Impact

After the match was over, Killer Kross came out and demolished Impact before powerbombing Taya off of the entrance ramp onto a bunch of people we can only assume are local wrestlers.