Impact Wrestling Homecoming Pay-Per-View Results

Eli Drake vs. Abyss – Monster’s Ball Match

Drake came out with a boat paddle and Abyss just brought his scary self. He quickly started filling the ring with weapons.

Drake tried to get the jump on Abyss, but it didn’t work. They were teasing a staple gun spot from the get-go and Drake soon took a staple to the chest.

Abyss set up two tables on the outside. He tried to chokeslam Drake through the tables, but he was sent out into the crowd. They fought for a bit and then Eli rolled a production case into Abyss only to have The Monster return the favor.

They returned to the ring and Aybss wedges a chair in the ropes. Drake nailed Abyss with a trashcan three times and then he switched to a baking sheet.

Drake went running and Abyss nailed an overhead throw through the tables on the outside. The crowd chanted, “Holy sh*t.”

Drake rolled back in and Aybss grabbed a purple bag and the crowd popped. He spread thousands of thumbtacks all over the ring. Abyss tried to chokeslam Drake, but he reversed and grabbed a handful of tacks and accidentally threw them in the referee’s face.

Aybss hit the Black Hole Slam, but nobody was there to count. Drake sent Abyss into the chair and then the referee counted to two.

Then Aybss retrieved Janice (a board with nails in it) from under the ring. He didn’t get to hit Drake because Eli hit him with a chair. Drake tried to use Janice and then Drake took a chokeslam onto the tacks. 1-2- kickout.

Drake’s back was covered in tacks. Drake threw some tacks into Abyss’ face and hit him with a chair. Then he rolled outside and grabbed zipties. He ties Abyss’ hands together and started hitting Abyss with a chair over and over again. The zipties broke during the assault.

Eli’s back was starting to bleed as he grabbed the paddle and broke it over Abyss’ head for the three count.

Winner: Eli Drake

LAX (c) vs. Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix) – Impact Tag Team Title Match

They started off by trading reversals and then things started to get serious with Pentagon striking first. Fenix and Penta then started hitting kicks and Fenix nailed a suicide dive on the outside on Ortiz.

Penta hit a powerbomb on Santana and almost won the match in the first minute.

The Ortiz came back with some high flying of his own followed by Santana hitting a moonsault to the outside on Penta.

The match carried on and it was fast-paced throughout. The Lucha Bros took control again and then Fenix hit a suicide dive through Penta while he heaved him into LAX. Then Penta jumped in and hit a big dive over the top rope on everyone including Fenix.

They continued on and all four men were eventually down after a slew of impactful moves (no pun intended) the crowd chanted “This is wrestling.”

Penta and Ortiz traded chops in the middle of the ring and then Penta took a superkick. The both no-sold clotheslines and then fell. Fenix and Santana jumped in next to duke it out. Then they made each other superkick their own partners before kicking each other. The crowd applauded again.

The crowd was hot the entire night. “All these guys” they chanted.

LAX nailed the Street Sweeper on Penta, but Fenix broke up the pin. “Fight forever” the crowd chanted. Fenix got the tag and LAX beat him down until they got the three count.

Winners: LAX