Dinner With the King Recap – Remembering Mean Gene, Hulk Hogan’s WWE Return, Reacting to Controversial Tampon Spot, More!

WWE announced that Hulk Hogan will be returning to RAW this coming Monday to address the passing of Okerlund, and Lawler is excited to see Hogan return to WWE programming. He just wishes Hogan’s return could be under better circumstances. It appears that Ric Flair will be returning to RAW this week to talk about Okerlund as well, and Lawler says it’ll be nice to see Flair again.

Lawler comments on the announcement of AEW (All Elite Wrestling). The new company will be funded by the Khan family who are reportedly worth $7 Billion. Lawler notes that this company will be a force to be reckoned with, especially with that amount of money because they’ll be able to land some big-name talent.

However, he’s not sure if the climate is right for someone to be pouring that amount of money into a wrestling company. He points out that financing a wrestling company can quickly make a millionaire out of a billionaire because it’s an expensive endeavour.

Everywhere Lawler goes he constantly hears from fans that they’d love to see a more adult-oriented product and he’s sure that type of product would find success, but he notes that that type of programming is frowned upon by big advertisers.