Carmella Reacts To Fan Reminding Her Of Painful Childhood Memory

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Everyone gets teased, even Carmella. In fact, WWE keeps using a certain bad picture of her she doesn’t like at all, but she deals with it.

It turns out that the former SmackDown Women’s Champion used to get teased for her ears all the time. This is a cruel memory one “fan” recently reminded her of.

Mella was recently told that she needed to “hide those ears” and she didn’t like hearing that. So she went to that person’s Twitter account to see what they were really all about before replying.

“Kids used to call me dumbo in school… it took me a long time to like my ears. So, Gene, I appreciate your opinion… wait, no I don’t. But I do feel bad that a “retired old fart” like you takes the time to insult a fabulous superstar like me.”

It’s great that Carmella can deal with this kind of trolling and not let it get to her. Being made fun of isn’t easy, but Carmella was able to rise above it and moonwalk right past her haters.

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