Vince Russo Calls Out Fans Who Stayed Up to Watch Wrestle Kingdom 13

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Vince Russo knows what to say to rile up a few feathers, and this is commendable to an extent, given his time in the wrestling industry. However, not everybody is always happy with what he has to say.

During Wrestle Kingdom 13- which saw all eight Championships change hands, Russo took to his Twitter account to share a quote from his “The Brand” podcast.

In the podcast, Russo had mentioned that if fans in the United States are getting up at early hours of the morning to watch men have predetermined matches in another country, they are probably marks.

While we shouldn’t have to explain what a “mark” is, many on social media seemed to believe Russo meant this in a derogatory fashion- as if the man has little to no respect for the industry that made him a household name.

As Russo comments back, though, he calls himself a mark- and given that the tweet was released around midnight, there is a chance Russo stayed up himself to watch the show, or will get around to it for “The Brand” in the coming days.

With the majority of fans against him, Russo seems happy to have pulled on a few heartstrings, as he responded to a fan- claiming it is easy to provoke fans with messages like his.

Did you stay up to watch Wrestle Kingdom 13? Will you be watching it at all? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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