Paul Heyman Says Brock Lesnar Can Conquer Both WWE & UFC

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Paul Heyman is a huge fan of Brock Lesnar’s work. No matter if he’s being paid to advocate for The Beast Incarnate, it seems like Lesnar has Heyman’s vote.

Lesnar’s participation in the UFC is a big point of interest for several people including Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier along with Dana White. They would all be interested to know whether or not Lesnar could be expected back in the UFC.

Heyman didn’t want to swerve anyone, so he just dropped a spoiler online as he continued to preach of Lesnar’s ability.

“He can seamlessly conquer in both universes. He can do either / both at the highest level, both in terms of achievement and as an attraction.” 

Things will get very interesting during Brock Lesnar’s next WWE Universal Title defense. He could always be down for a big surprise once again which is something you can never count him out of either.

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