WWE Superstars have a lot on their plates. They are expected to be representatives for WWE even when they’re having a bad day. This is a lot to ask from someone like Paige.

Paige recently had a situation where an expectant fan tried to take advantage of the fact that Paige was around without thinking about the context of the situation.

One fan seemed to really get under Paige’s skin when they said in part that, “Regardless she is still a representative of a brand. A brand that is well respected. It’s like the military. Your always on duty. She could have politely declined.”

The first-ever NXT Champion fired back saying:

“Always on duty huh? So what happens when i have to use the restroom? What happens if I’m having a bad day personally? What happens if I’m in the middle of eating? Etc. I have to stop what I’m doing make sure rude people like yourself get a pic? I’ll take pics w/ anyone. Not YOU.”

It seems like Paige just wants to be treated like a person which isn’t too much to ask. Anyone would find exception to being asked for a photo-op in a bathroom, right?

Felix Upton

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