Braun Strowman Reacts To Seth Rollins Taking A Dig At His Size

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Braun Strowman might be a monster, but he still has feelings. Even Andre The Giant dealt with feeling like an outsider when he couldn’t fit in a car and he was even bigger than Braun. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why Braun Strowman might feel singled out.

Seth Rollins recently made a joke about Strowman claiming “sizeism” because he’s so big. This prompted Braun to reply and you could tell that while it’s all in fun it’s a real issue he deals with.

“See keep making fun of me for how I look on airplanes!!! Don’t be sizest.”

Maybe a day will come when Braun Strowman will step on an airplane and feel like he has room to move around. However, that’s not likely seeing how big he is. In the meantime, Strowman seems to be making the best of it as a WWE Superstar.

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