Alexa Bliss is a WWE Superstar so she’s in the public eye a lot more than a normal person. This results in a lot of people who don’t know her having the feeling like they are allowed to comment on whatever they want.

Bliss has dealt with personal issues of body image her entire life. She is also much different from the character she plays on television. Therefore, the former Women’s Champion spoke out on cyber bullying in a lengthy message where she didn’t hold anything back.

“My take on cyber bullying : 

Social media can be an amazing thing. Can be great for marketing your business or brand, keeping in touch with your friends or family and used as a platform for things in your life that you’re very passionate about. Social media is such a powerful tool. 

Sometimes too powerful. Social media has allowed people to judge, ridicule, and cyber bully people without any consequence. Social media gives anonymous people the power to spread joy, positivity and love to those who need it. But also gives those anonymous people the power to ruin careers, reputations and even lives. 

Cyber bullying has caused hurt on so many people to the point where kids don’t want go to school, and adults don’t want to go to work or show their face in public. 

Cyber bullying causes people to shut themselves from their friends and family, delete their accounts and even take their own life. There’s people out there who find some kind of enjoyment in ruining other peoples lives. Those people Need to try to touch peoples lives in a positive way. 

That tweet, post, or picture that you feel the need to share to make your life feel better, can hurt someone irreversibly . 

With how powerful cyber bullying is . takes is one post to be the final straw to cause someone to feel like They need to their own life. Don’t let that post be yours .”

Hopefully, these words will stick with someone who reads them. It’s not okay to use your power online to make someone feel bad. Plenty of people have observed this practice and come to the realization that it is wrong as well.

So please be safe online and play nice.

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