The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Josh Matthews – Tribute to Mean Gene, Special Guest Jim Cornette, Will Ross Work With AEW? More!

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Ross welcomes Josh Matthews to the show.

Matthews informs that he was shocked and saddened to hear the news of Gene Okerlund’s passing. He grew up listening to and watching Okerlund on a weekly basis and he learned so much from him. Ross says that Okerlund was so humble and lovable, and he never really understood just how big of a star he was.

Ross admits that he probably could, or should have helped Matthews more when he was a young upstart announcer in the company. Matthews says Ross didn’t have to say that, adding that Ross helped him more than he’ll ever know. Ross would often send him notes and suggestions, and he learned so much just listening to Ross over the years.

Matthews informs that he can recall WWE paying him $50,000/year early on and he was blown away by that amount of money. That was a lot of money where he came from, but it didn’t go very far in the Northeast. Ross says he knew a lot of television production guys who were just getting by financially during those years while working for WWE.

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