The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Josh Matthews – Tribute to Mean Gene, Special Guest Jim Cornette, Will Ross Work With AEW? More!

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Ross says the most over performers on WWE’s roster today are the females. Cornette points out that there’s no full-time male performer who is comparable to Rousey, who continues to impress after having one of the greatest debut matches of all time. Other performers such as Charlotte have taken the lead and broken down barriers in her first few years with the company as well.

He continues by saying that today’s male roster is full of performers who are too timid, and he thinks someone has to step up and challenge the boundaries of what a WWE Superstar is, similar to what we saw from The Rock and Steve Austin 20 years ago. Ross agrees entirely.

Ross says it was great to see Cena back on WWE programming this week. Cena is making waves in the film industry now, and Ross says he never signed anyone to WWE who worked harder than Cena.

A listener writes into the show and asks Ross if any of today’s announcers reach out to him for advice from time to time. Ross says he’s helped some people informally, through text or a phone call, but there’s a lot of insecurity and jealousy in the wrestling business. People seem to think that asking for help from a veteran makes them look weak, even though it doesn’t.

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