The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Josh Matthews – Tribute to Mean Gene, Special Guest Jim Cornette, Will Ross Work With AEW? More!

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Ross welcomes his old friend, Jim Cornette to the show to have a discussion on the current state of professional wrestling.

Cornette admits that he doesn’t watch much wrestling on television these days because he doesn’t want to be subjected to the terrible things that are happening in some matches nowadays. He informs that people send him clips of some of his favourite performers such as The Revival and Walter, and he’s able to enjoy those clips.

Cornette thinks one of the biggest problems today is that there are people in the board rooms having a legitimate impact on how these wrestling shows are presented, who got into the business because they were fans of the performance art of the business. They focus on creating characters and formatting shows rather than letting the performers naturally connect with the audience.

Ross informs that the only knock on Cornette’s work was that it was too good for a Manager. Cornette says he tried to do what Bobby Heenan always did; make the offence look believable even when common sense might have told you that it shouldn’t be believable.

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