WWE Superstars Who Were Released In 2018

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Abbey Laith better known as Kimber Lee was released from her WWE contract on March 8th 2018. She was hardly used in NXT following her stand out performance in the Mae Young Classic. She didn’t miss a beat though as she continued right where she left off as a big name on the indies.

James Ellsworth came back for a stint with WWE after being fired in November 2017. He was never signed back on for a full-time contract this time around so he only worked a few television dates. He was then officially let go again in July. However, this is still a notable mention on the list. He has since landed himself in a bit of trouble and he has been losing a lot of interest on the indie wrestling scene as well since those allegations against him were released.

Neville was finally given his WWE release on August 25th after a long stint of sitting at home. He is doing great now as top champion in Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling. Obviously, Neville made the right decision for himself by staying at home.

Nick Miller was a member of TM-61, but he received his WWE release after requesting it. The news broke just a few weeks ago. Miller and his wife had a child and Miller decided to stay home in Australia with his family. The door is still open for his WWE return.

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