WWE Superstars Who Were Released In 2018

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When a WWE Superstar leaves the company it isn’t the end for them in the business. Several Superstars have found their ways back to WWE. 2018 was no exception when it came to suffering a few tough losses to the roster too.

WWE released a few Superstars last year including a handful which they recently quietly let go. We have compiled a list of people who WWE wished best of luck to in their future endeavors in 2018.

Although not all of the releases might be on the list including lesser-known NXT names in the WWE Performance Center, we’ve done our best to include those who made an impact on television.

Rich Swann was released on Febuary 15th following allegations of domestic abuse and false imprisonment. Those charges were never pressed against Swann, but he did receive an indefinite suspension for it. In that time WWE released him, but Swann was able to start taking independent bookings immediately which he continues to do to this day. He has also appeared on Impact Wrestling and MLW.

Enzo Amore was released on January 23rd after accusations came out that he raped a woman in Phoenix. Those allegations never turned into any kind of case against Amore as his accuser was proven to be making it up. However, WWE still released Amore, but he still considers himself the champ.

Big Cass received his WWE release on June 19th days after he was defeated by Daniel Bryan in clean fashion. He started taking independent bookings as well, but he has recently suffered some health issues recently. We are really pulling for the big guy.

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