Becky Lynch Live-Tweeted “Backstage” During WWE’s Pre-Taped SmackDown Live

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WWE’s SmackDown Live this week was pre-recorded. Therefore the WWE Superstars weren’t really in action tonight because they already taped the episode. However, if you logged onto Becky Lynch’s Twitter account you probably couldn’t tell

The Man live-tweeted during the show this week claiming that she was backstage. We’re including the tweets below because they are all entertaining.

I’m live tweeting from backstage right now.

I just high-fived Jeff Hardy. Looked like he was going out into the arena.

I have make-up all over my hand now.

Might have been his face I high-fived. It’s dark back here.

I’m off to stretch now….

…everyone backstage. Cause that’s where I am.

The Man was obviously having a little bit of fun. It must be strange watching SmackDown when it’s not live after being used to being there when the show is going on. It looks like she’ll get her chance next week though as SmackDown is live once again in Pittsburgh.

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