Tye Dillinger Throws Big Time Shade At Nia Jax

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Nia Jax is no stranger to controversy seeing how she kept bragging about breaking Becky Lynch’s face until The Man took her out backstage at WWE TLC.

Some think that Jax talks so much because she feels untouchable. She is The Rock’s cousin after all. Others just think she’s amazing. Either way, there are people on both sides of this argument.

Jax recently threw WWE under the bus for not being included in a social media post. She possibly even tried to claim a bit of racism on WWE’s part. WWE Superstar and Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger had a reply to this and although he didn’t call anyone out by name, it’s pretty clear that he was talking to Jax.

“ALL the WWE ladies had a great year but these ones had some very captivating moments in 2018!”

“And, if you’re all #BooBoo face about being left off the list despite being on TV ALL the time….maybe spend more time on the craft instead of social media.”

“Congratulations ladies”

It’s a pretty interesting shot to take on Dillinger’s behalf. Then again, he is dating Peyton Royce who did make WWE’s post so who’s to say that didn’t play into things? After all, Nia Jax seemingly took a shot at the people WWE included because of the color of their skin.

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