WWE has some big plans for the Women’s Division in 2019 and it will include the introduction of Women’s Tag Team Titles. Vince McMahon made the big announcement during the Christmas Eve episode of Raw and the internet exploded after the word got out.

There was a lot of speculation about how WWE will treat this new set of championships. They have a couple of options as well. The titles could float from brand to brand or simply belong to one show. Then again, WWE could always decide to have a set of Women’s Tag Team Champions for each brand.

Bryan Alvarez cleared some of this speculation up during Wrestling Observer Live where he said that WWE has only ordered one set of Women’s Tag Team Titles. Therefore, it looks like we’ll just have one pair of champions. The biggest question now is how WWE will implement these new titles when the time is right.

“I speculated on history, I said every other belt, they got a set of belts for each brand. Now apparently, they did only order one set of belts so it does appear and granted this could change because they could always order another set of damn belts — it does appear that there will be a traveling set of Women’s Tag Team Championships.”

“Why there’s a traveling set of Women’s Tag Team Champions and everyone else has their own belts I have no idea.”

Only time will tell how WWE decides to introduce these new titles into the landscape of Raw or SmackDown. Hopefully, we’ll have some kind of official announcement regarding that soon.

It looks like at this juncture, WWE could be creating a set of Women’s Tag Team Titles intended to travel across brands.

With WrestleMania 35 coming up in a couple of months, it could provide a perfect opportunity for a big crowning in New Jersey after a tournament. However, you can never count WWE out of trying something to get heat like simply placing the titles on a heel team because they’ve done that before too.

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