Paige Unloads On Hater For Starting Drama Online

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Paige doesn’t like to take much grief from people online or in person. She was raised to stand up for herself and that’s exactly what she recently did in a big way.

All Paige was trying to do was discuss the UFC event that she was at last night. Then someone had to butt in and make a statement saying that Paige had no business talking about MMA and so many people could beat her up in a legit fight.

Paige didn’t like hearing that unwarranted attack at all.

What are you talking about? I’m saying she’s a bad ass for winning a fight in the first round. Starting drama for literally no reason. You’re the prime example of someone that should not own social media.

We’re not sure where Paige will end up after being removed as General Manager of SmackDown Live, but we have some great ideas.

This just goes to show that you should never tweet at a WWE Superstar because they might read it. If it’s not something they like, they could respond and if it’s Paige you might be in a world of trouble.

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