It’s not easy to rack up a win on RAW or SmackDown Live. You have to get to be at a certain level to even be on the shows. So it’s really impressive when you are able to win several times in a year.

WWE recently released a list of Superstars who have competed and won the most times on television in 2018. Surprisingly, Finn Balor, a guy that people like to talk about as not getting wins in WWE is second on the list.

Seth Rollins tops the ranks with 35 wins averging out to around 2.9 wins a month. Considering that there are four RAWs a month (usually) that’s a pretty good statistic.

Finn Balor has 31 in second place and the list carries on with Braun Strowman (29), Asuka (26), and AJ Styles (25).

That’s not a bad list and mixes up the brands nicely. It also gives WWE some ammunition to come back at critics who like to say that certain Superstars never get over.

Felix Upton

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