WWE RAW Spoilers for December 31, 2018

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  • Baron Corbin gets back in the ring after losing the Battle Royal but is interrupted by Elias. Elias is posted up on the stage with his guitar ready to perform. There were “you’re a loser” chants at one point directed at Corbin. Corbin and Elias ended up fighting in the crowd. Elias got the last punch before Corbin ran off backstage.
  • Bayley, Sasha Banks, Ember Moon v Riott Squad. Fans in attendance are not behind this match at all. Bayley, Sasha and Ember pick up the win.
  • Seth Rollin vs. Bobby Lashley. Lashley won by disqualification when Rollins used a chair on him. This spot went over huge with the crowd.
    Lio Rush had been interfering during the match and Rollins finally had enough. Rollins took out both of them with the chair.  Rollins also hit a curb stomp on Rush.
  • Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers defeated Rhyno and Heath Slater.
  • Renee Young did some sort of new impressions segment with the fans. First guy up did The Macho Man. The second guy did Finn Balor and then a third girl did The Rock. The boy that did Finn Balor won and got a free t-shirt. Not sure if this will air or not but they were filming it.

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