Kurt Angle Seemingly Confirms His Entry Into the Royal Rumble

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The Royal Rumble is fast approaching and WWE has currently only confirmed two entrants over the two Royal Rumble matches. With their victory in the Mixed Match Challenge, R-Truth and Carmella secured the 30th spot in their respective Rumble matches.

WWE Hall of Famer and former RAW General Manager Kurt Angle took to Instagram to seemingly confirm he would be part of the upcoming Royal Rumble match. In his post, Angle mentions that “up next” is the Rumble in January, and gave an insight into his WWE Championship title defence against Chris Benoit back in 2003.

Check out the post below:

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Up next….. Royal Rumble in January 2019. 16 years ago I had the privilege of defending my WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. This is how the match was explained verbally to those who haven’t watched it. “Professional wrestling in its purest form is as beautiful as ballet, as elegant as a ballroom dance and as captivating as a theater. By purest form I mean technical wrestling, which in today’s world is almost non-existent. The fiery chain wrestling, involving great chemistry, in-ring psychology and dream like story telling is something that happens when all the stars align.” This match was one of my best performances of my career. If you haven’t seen it, give it a look. #itstrue #wwe #championship #royalrumble

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If indeed Angle has let it slip that he’ll be in the Rumble, it begs the question of which position will he enter it at. Given that R-Truth will enter at number 30, there are 29 slots beforehand that Angle could enter as.

What position do you predict Angle will enter as? Does he have a chance of winning the Rumble? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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