WWE signed a huge Superstar and the face of the company when they brought in Ronda Rousey. However, nothing can last forever and WWE knows this. It’s already been a year since Rousey came into WWE and she won’t be around forever.
The Wrestling Observer Newsletter proposed that the WrestleMania main event could be Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch. However, this match could be changed to include Charlotte Flair and it won’t hurt the build for the program. In fact, if WWE’s goal is to have a great match in the WrestleMania main event then inserting Flair into the situation gives that an even bigger chance of happening.
It was said that putting both Flair and Lynch in that Mania main event spot would create legends out of them. The two are looked at as “lifers” meaning that WWE will likely be their home until they retire. However, Rousey is not looked at in the same way.

“Everyone knows Rousey is not a lifer. Her life story is to do things for a cycle and then move on. Wrestling is her current cycle. Her long-term goal and next cycle, which would not be a short cycle like MMA and wrestling were always going to be, is to start a family and that’s not a secret.”

Therefore, no matter how much of a focus WWE gives Rousey or how many records she’s able to help break it won’t change her eventual destination of starting a family at Browey Acres.
It’s likely that Rousey will remain around WWE in some respect if she’s able to leave the company in good terms. It is also noted that “God knows WWE will do everything to make that happen.”
WWE realizes this and although Rousey might not be looking at her WWE exit any time in the near future, everyone is certainly aware that they can’t expect her to be around for an extremely long amount of time

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