Cody Rhodes Says WWE Was “A Great Place To Grow Up”

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Cody Rhodes is off and doing his own big things in the pro wrestling business. He was a part of WWE for years before his run on the indies and he hasn’t forgotten that fact.

In a recent Twitter interaction, Rhodes brought attention to the fact that one fan tweeted at him saying: “Why does the internet act like WWE squandered Cody Rhodes? The man was a Triple Crown champ in OVW, 2x Intercontinental champ, & 6x Tag Champ.”

Rhodes wanted to make sure that people knew that he doesn’t consider his time in WWE to be squandered at all. In fact, he went on to defend his time with the company.

“They didn’t squander me at all. It was a great place to learn, travel, and grow-up across TV sets. Helped shape the business side of me forever. I just had different aspirations and saw a different path I wanted to take.”

You never know what Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks might have planned for 2019, but they keep hinting that we have five days and counting until something big is announced. It’s good to know that although he might not be returning to WWE, Cody hasn’t forgotten about everything they were able to do for him.

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