Two Big Segments Announced For WWE SmackDown Live Next Week

WWE is carrying on into the New Era with SmackDown Live next week on New Year’s Day.

The New Day will be throwing a big year-end bash next week as they wrap up 2018 and start a New Year on SmackDown Live. You never know what they could be doing so that might be very fun.

Also, John Cena was announced for a return next week on SmackDown Live. When Vince McMahon said that Cena was going to be on SmackDown and RAW, he wasn’t kidding. It looks like the WWE Universe will get a chance to see Cena next week.

There will be plenty of other surprises and we’ll keep you posted about what happens. Next week’s RAW and SmackDown Live will both be pre-taped so we will get you the spoilers as soon as something happens.