Vince McMahon is the boss in charge of everything that goes on in WWE. He used to have a running theme back in the day of needing to kiss his rear-end in order to keep your job in his company. Some didn’t like this angle, but others like William Regal were all for it. This wasn’t a very fun time for those on the wrong end of these deals.
On a recent episode of Something To Wrestle With, Bruce Prichard discussed this “Kiss My Ass Club” practice where he admitted that The Rock had a big problem with it.

“Let’s address the kissing his ass thing. That was actually brought up, and it wasn’t Rock [against it], it was a lot of people including myself, Pat Patterson, Jerry Brisco, there were a lot of people that felt that if you do that to him right now, that it’s gonna kill him. It’s gonna kill him as a heel, it’s gonna kill him as a competitor. From this vantage point, exactly what you just said, he’s two gears in and we didn’t know exactly what we have here. We feel we’ve got lightning in a bottle.”
“It was everyone else that had that reaction I think that because they didn’t [make The Rock kiss McMahon’s ass] there’s probably a segment of the locker room who’s already jealous of the kid who’s come in and in two years is on top of the world. Sure, he’s already a good-looking son of a bitch, he walks through like he’s king sh*t because he was king sh*t yeah, but a nicer guy. And from the day that he started up to today you pretty much had the same guy. He never really got a big head, he was nice to everybody, but I think that there was still a jealousy of, ‘Oh f*ck him he’s only been in the business two years and I’ve been in it for ten years, or I’ve been in for 15 years, why aren’t they pushing me like they’re pushing him? Look at him getting all this sh*t'”

There was some resentment on The Rock for being as successful as he was in WWE. He was a bit of a natural and as a third-generation WWE Superstar. He was able to succeed with the help of his natural charisma. It still didn’t set too well with everyone in the locker room, but The Rock went through it all to become one of the biggest names in entertainment.
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