Edge Makes Impressive Christmas Present For His Daughter By Hand

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We know that Edge can lay down a nasty spear in the ring, but he can also wield a carpentry set as well. The Rated R Superstar was hard at work on his daughter’s Christmas gift and he cut it down to the wire, but thankfully, it looks like Edge was able to save Christmas.

Edge uploaded a picture of a chest that he made for his daughter Ruby. It is a pretty well-done piece of furniture. Hopefully, she will appreciate all the effort that went into making it happen as well.

“Dad crafting done! Down to the wire but Ruby’s treasure chest is finito in time for Christmas. If anyone needs me I’ll be watching Christmas Vacation in flannel Santa Cookie Monster pajamas while sippin some egg nog. Happy Holidays everyone”

Thankfully, Edge was able to get this project out of the way before Santa comes tonight. Now it’s time to enjoy a Christmas classic and some eggnog. He deserves it too because it’s a lot of work being a world champion dad.

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