Braun Strowman Interviews His “Holmes & Watson” Costars

Braun Strowman has a part in the new Will Ferrell movie “Holmes & Watson.” This film is the third outing together for Ferrell and John C Reilly including Talladega Nights and Step Brothers. However, they didn’t have a Monster Among Men as a castmate in those two previous movies.

Strowman sat down to ask his “Holmes & Watson” costars to ask some questions. First off, Braun wanted to know if he’s the biggest person they’ve ever worked with and it turns out that he is.

He also had a chance to ask whether Ferrell and Reilly should grow a beard like The Monster Among Men. It turns out that they definitely should.

You can catch “Holmes & Watson” in theaters now for a Christmastime release. Strowman’s part might be smaller than the trailers let on, but at least WWE is represented and that’s always cool to see.