Pro wrestling often runs in the bloodline of a family. Many second and third generation Superstars have made their way through WWE. Even more, have tried their hand on the indie wrestling scene where they were able to find success as well. Some decided that they just didn’t want to carry on for whatever reason, but that’s okay too.
There are some Superstars you might not realize who had children that followed in their footsteps. So we’ve formed a list of a few of them.
Scott Hall
WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall’s son Cody Hall has been making some waves in Japan, but he’s not quite broken out in the mainstream just yet.
Give him some time to get accustomed to the environment that his father became famous competing in and you never know how far Cody’s star will rise in pro wrestling.
At 27-years-old, Cody still has some time to gain experience and accolades. He’s currently a pretty big deal in Pro Wrestling NOAH where he worked exclusively in 2018 on a full-time basis.

Harley Race
Harley Race is a legend for many reasons from his legit ability to shoot in the ring to the praise he brought on in his career. His son Leland has been wrestling for fifteen years now and grinding hard on the indies. He also worked a handful of matches for New Japan in 2016.
Leland has worked all over the indies and he keeps busy to this day. He even worked a couple one-off appearances for WWE a number of years ago. It’s curious that he never got more of a look from WWE.
The second-generation pro wrestler has won a number of indie titles as well including four runs as WLW Heavyweight Champion.

Dynamite Kid
This is a topical entry to this list seeing how Dynamite Kid sadly passed away recently. 
Kid’s daughter Bronwyne Billington has been working in the industry for a number of years as The Dynamite Doll.
She accompanies Dynamite Dan to the ring and has worked with Pete Powers. Although she doesn’t wrestle like her father and only acts as a valet, she is continuing on his legacy as part of Stampede Wrestling.

Rowdy Roddy Piper
The Hot Rod’s legacy is being carried on through Ronda Rousey in WWE at this point as she wears the “Rowdy” moniker proudly. She even has a kilt and jacket just like Piper used to.
Piper’s son Colt Toombs tried his hand at pro wrestling where he had a few indie matches in 2013 and 2014, but it doesn’t look like he’s had a match since. He tried his hand at pro wrestling after a stint in MMA and his father called him a natural at the time.
You never know if a storyline with Ronda Rousey might give WWE a chance to book Colt to come in and represent his father’s legacy one day. If that opportunity comes, he could be a chip off the old block and become a fixture in the WWE Universe for years to come.

D-Von Dudley
D-Von is a WWE Hall Of Famer, but his kids are also a tag team known as TNT (Terrell & Terrence). They haven’t made it as far as their famous father yet though.
His twin sons had a small bit in Impact Wrestling a number of years ago and they’re still competing to this day.
It’s pretty cool to know that one of the greatest tag team wrestlers in history had a tag team of his own. Hopefully, they’ll be able to follow in D-Von’s footsteps and at 23-years-old, you never know what could happen next for those two seeing how D-Von is still very connected with WWE as a backstage producer.

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