WWE Presents Their Year-End Awards

RAW won WWE brand of the year. This is really no surprise seeing how WWE books their television shows and the red team got swept at Survivor Series. SmackDown has had a tough year, but in reality, so has all of WWE.

Paige won General Manager of the year. This is a sad one to see considering the fact she just lost her job last week on SmackDown Live and we don’t know what will happen next to Paige. We have some ideas and they’re great…. but it’ll be hard not having her as GM of the blue brand.

Naomi won most underrated. The Glow has one of the best entrances in WWE and she always brings it to the ring. She’s reduced to getting heat on her feuds on social media and they’re so easily forgotten by management it seems. Maybe her answering Asuka’s open challenge was a good sign on SmackDown Live last week, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Most hated went to Baron Corbin. Again, who else would you have picked? Baron Corbin has drawn a massive amount of heat on himself this year and he’s loved every second of it. Just because he is no longer an authority figure on RAW doesn’t mean his days drawing heat is over either.

So there you go. How do you agree or disagree with the winners? Let us know in the comments, or however you wish.