WWE Presents Their Year-End Awards

The most shocking moment went to Randy Orton pulling Jeff Hardy’s ear. We can’t blame the voters for that one. It was rather gross.

Funniest moment was on by Titus O’Neil when he slid into the Greatest Royal Rumble. Luckily we’re laughing about this spot now and not talking about this spot as “biggest tragedy when Titus was impaled in Jeddah Saudi Arabia” instead.

The Shield won best reunion, but it was unfortunately short-lived. Maybe they’ll get another run sooner or later, we can only hope.

Best on the mic was won by Paul Heyman. There really is none greater than Heyman. If you disagree and he’s within earshot of you it’s likely that he’ll let you know about it too.

Breakout star was won by Elias. It seems like forever since “The Drifter” Elias Samson was someone who just walked around with a guitar and seldom talked. Now he’s one of the better talkers on RAW as he’s been able to really stretch his legs as a babyface.