Jim Cornette is a very outspoken individual especially when it comes to political matters. However, he doesn’t have time to get involved too much.
He spouts his opinions on his podcasts and riles up the Cult Of Cornette. He will tweet in response to President Trump’s online remarks. It just doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing Cornette running for office anytime soon.
One fan of Cornette’s tweeted out: “Jim why don’t you get involved more. Your comfortable in front of a camera obviously. I imagine you have resources at your disposal and you are famous. You would actually have a good chance in a race for political office. Plus you have COMMON SENSE which is lacking these days”
It didn’t take long for Jim Cornette to come back with his own response to that question. He insulted the current leadership, yes. He also went on to explain that there are more qualified people to run for office than him.

“Unlike the current pig-faced criminal in the White House and the rest of his GOP co-conspirators, I know that there are more qualified people to run for office than me–such as every Democrat trying to save our country from the aforementioned treasonous bastards.”

Hopefully, Jim Cornette will have a better 2019 when it comes to politics. It doesn’t look like it’s going to get much easier for him though. Therefore, as things continue in Washington on their current path, you can always turn to Jim Cornette to let off a little steam as an entertaining part of your experience in the Internet Wrestling Community.

Felix Upton

Felix Upton is a seasoned writer with over 30 years of experience. He began his career writing advertisements for local newspapers in New York before transitioning to publishing news for Ringside News. His expertise includes writing, editing, research, photo editing, and video editing. In his free time, he enjoys bungee jumping and learning extinct languages.

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