WWE Hall Of Famer Mistakenly Calls Young Stephanie McMahon A Boy

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Everyone has older pictures of themselves that they would really prefer not to get out. Stephanie McMahon might have wanted to keep this recent picture to herself.

The sibling rivalry between the McMahons appears to be over at this point because they’re getting along on WWE television as they fix RAW and SmackDown Live. So Steph wanted to post a picture of her and her brother from the McMahon Family vault.

The only problem is that when Ted DiBiase saw this picture, he either misread it or he was trying to make a great joke, but either way, it doesn’t appear he knew exactly what he was looking at.

“Merry Christmas! Two handsome young men there!” DiBiase tweeted out in response to Stephanie McMahon’s picture of herself and a much younger Shane.

So far he hasn’t taken it down yet, either way, we screen capped it for posterity’s sake.


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