What The Miz Was Doing During WWE TLC Because He Wasn’t Booked

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The Miz has been around WWE for long enough to be a leader backstage for several reasons. As it turns out, being left off of a big show isn’t even enough to get under The Miz’s skin anymore as it might have in the past.

The Miz recently spoke to The Sporting News about what he was doing while the rest of the WWE Universe was focused on San Jose during WWE TLC. It’s okay that he wasn’t booked because he had some Holiday preparations to do.

“Oh, my wife has tons of plans. Let me tell you. I’ve already put up two trees. On Sunday, while they were having a TLC pay-per-view and having an amazing show, I was in my yard putting up reindeer. Yeah, reindeer in my yard. I felt like Clark Griswold. It’s insane how dedicated my wife is to make this the best Christmas she possibly can for my daughter’s first Christmas. We have the entire family coming down. We’re going to cook. I don’t know how to cook but I’m gonna learn how and it’s gonna be a blast.”

When it comes to not being a part of the WWE TLC event, The Miz seemed to understand to a certain extent. It’s not typical for an A-Lister to be left off of the show though. if anything, the time off is only encouraging him to work harder.

“You always want to be a part of every show when you’re a WWE superstar. You want to be the main event. You want to be the talk of the entire the entire show. But, sometimes, you’re left off because that’s just the nature of the beast. Sometimes you’re needed, other times you’re not. I looked at it as I need to work harder. I need to try harder but to be completely honest, I don’t know how to work harder because I don’t think anyone works as hard as me.”

With The Miz’s storyline with Shane McMahon picking up steam, he might not see many more pay-per-views where he has to sit on the bench. We won’t spoil that for you, but let’s just say something big is coming for The Miz on Christmas.

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