WWE’s New Era Could Be Very Good To Finn Balor

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Vince McMahon kicked off RAW this week by coming out with a promise to listen to the fans. This is something that owners of companies never have to do, but it was probably needed. The McMahons will now be running things which should provide new Superstars, match-ups, and opportunities.

It seems that Finn Balor is going to be getting a very good opportunity as part of this New Era in WWE.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Balor is “about to get a significant push” at least “for a little while.”

We’ll just have to wait and see how Finn Balor’s stock in WWE raises in the upcoming weeks. He wasn’t the one selected to replace Roman Reigns on the official RAW graphic though. Balor might not be factored into a huge long-term position, however, at a time like this Vince McMahon might be more open than ever for someone to grab that brass ring and take off with it as Finn could plausibly do.

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