Kurt Angle Seemingly Teases Retirement From Wrestling

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Kurt Angle is one of the most beloved wrestlers of the past few decades. Angle made his televised wrestling debut in 1999 for Sunday Night Heat- though he had been wrestling prior to that following his Gold-medal victory in the Olympics.

Angle was with WWE up until around 2006 when he left the company and found a new home in TNA. He remained in TNA from 2006 to 2016 before leaving the company to tour the independent circuit, before heading back to WWE to join their Hall of Fame. He became the RAW General Manager, and obviously, we know how that went down.

Angle posted a touching message to his Instagram account, explaining that he stepped foot in a WWE ring for the first time twenty years ago with the idea being that he would only work for five years (he was signed to a deal that long) though he continued to go because he enjoyed the sport. What is most certainly interesting about the post is Angle’s closing comment, where he explains that it “feels great being able to end my career where I started.”

While it is not believed this is Angle retiring, it is certainly opening the fans up to discuss his retirement, which will seemingly take place sooner than later. As it stands, Angle is 50-years-old, can still go, and works a reduced schedule for WWE. It is possible this is his final run before he hangs up the boots for good.

Take a look at Angle’s Instagram post below:

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20 years ago, I stepped foot into a WWE ring. I told myself back then I would only go 5 years. But because of the #WWEUniverse, I continued to keep wrestling, although I left WWE for 11 of the 20 years. It feels great being able to end my career where I started. #itstrue #wwe #thankyouwweuniverse

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Who should Angle face before he retires- if this, indeed, is not the Superstar revealing his retirement? What are your favorite memories of Angle in WWE, TNA, and around the wrestling industry? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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