Aleister Black’s WWE Main Roster Call-Up Possibly Delayed

Aleister Black is a former NXT Champion and he’s ready for the main roster in a lot of fans’ opinions. However, he is not one of the six names being brought up to the main roster in this next crop of call-ups.

Black did suffer an injury, but he was able to come back in a big way. He has often been compared to The Undertaker as well which is something he wasn’t shy talking about.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that although Black’s name was mentioned before in regards to a main roster call-up, it wasn’t brought up this time around. It was not known if his call-up will be delayed, but “usually when I hear those names, even if they aren’t now, they’re usually in the following group like Almas.”

Therefore, hope is not lost on a main roster call-up for Aleister Black. He could be on his way soon anyway. After all, it might be best for him to come up on his own instead of being another name in the crowd. This fact seemed to irritate Lars Sullivan a lot, even though there’s nothing to really be afraid of because Lars is actually a super nice guy in real life.