How WWE’s Current Television Product Is Reportedly Viewed Backstage

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Vince McMahon kicked off WWE RAW this week by making a bunch of promises along with his family. They took away the middle management roles and are going to handle things themselves. Then the WWE Universe was christened as the new Authority.

As heartwarming as that sentiment might be, Brad Shepard revealed on Oh, You Didn’t Know that he was speaking to someone in the company who wonders how anyone can watch the current television product. In fact, NXT isn’t even drawing that much internal interest in spite of the fact that their show is arguably better than the main roster.

“When talking about bad the current TV product was in WWE with a well-placed source in the company they told me they honestly don’t know how I follow the show anymore and they heard NXT was hot nowadays but they don’t even bother watching that.”

Shepard went on to question what it says about WWE’s current television product when someone in the company even wonders how fans watch it. Hopefully, the New Era will be able to turn things around, but it’s hard to tell at this point. WWE is the largest pro wrestling company in the world and that status isn’t likely going to change anytime soon, but they might want to do something very different if they want to keep their top spot.

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