SPOILER: WWE Superstar Returns During Christmas Eve RAW

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WWE is planning a holly, jolly, Christmas Eve special this year and they got the tapings out of the way after the RAW broadcast concluded in Sacremento. You can check out all of the spoilers here.

During the show, there was a Santa Claus and he was spreading Christmas cheer. Then when the time came, Santa attacked Jinder Mahal and unmasked himself to reveal it was Rhyno the whole time.

The Manbeast was fired from RAW by Baron Corbin before WWE TLC. Corbin made Heath Slater and Rhyno wrestle each other with the loser being fired from RAW. Rhyno took the quick pin, so he was out of a job. Now it looks like he’s back.

We’ll have to tune into the WWE RAW Christmas Eve show to see how WWE works this into the episode, but it appears like Rhyno should be expected.

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