WWE RAW Results – December 17, 2018

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We come back from commercial and out comes Rowdy Ronda Rousey, the Raw Women’s Champion.

Ronda comes to the ring and we see a replay of her costing Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Rousey said she told Nia Jax she could kiss her right hand goodbye. She told Charlotte Flair she’d write the next chapter of their story. She also told Becky Lynch that she’s the last woman she should provoke. A “Becky” chant fires up. Rousey isn’t here to justify her actions. She’s here to define what a real champion is; a real champion is so much more than a title you hold in your hands; a real champion is more than the winner of a match or the decision of a referee; a real champion represents the limit of human potential – the best of the best physically, mentally, and morally. A real champion is the best the human race has to offer. That’s why she’s here tonight. Rousey says she wants to start a new tradition. After a PPV, a champion should defend their championship whether they’re in good or bad condition. Rousey issues an open challenge.

We go into the gorilla position to see a bunch of female superstars arguing over who gets the shot. Stephanie McMahon screams and tells them to follow her. Stephanie McMahon comes out on stage and says all these women want a championship match against her. They’re all deserving, but she’s not playing favourites anymore. They’ll give them each an opportunity to earn it. Rousey will defend the title against the winner of tonight’s 8-woman gauntlet match. They’ll kick it off with Alicia Fox, who makes her way to the ring, she’ll be facing Bayley!

8-Woman Gauntlet

Bayley Vs. Alicia Fox

Bayley starts off by rushing Fox to the corner and attacking her, but Fox soon takes her down. Fox bounces her off the top turnbuckle. Bayley dodges a scissor kick and hits a swinging back suplex for a near fall. Bayley is in control as we head to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Fox in charge of Bayley, stomping on her. Fox begins choking her against the middle rope. Bayley starts to make a comeback and goes for a slingshot, but she tweaks her knee. Fox follows up with a big boot and covers, but Bayley rolls her over to eliminate her.

Bayley Advances

Dana Brooke Enters

Brooke runs down and attacks Bayley. Brooke punches away at her and applies a body scissor. Brooke pins her for a near fall before hitting a chop block. The referee checks on Bayley, and she agrees to continue. Brooke stomps Bayley and takes her down for a two count. Brooke applies a chin lock. Bayley fights out, but Brooke continues to take her down. Bayley hits a desperation Bayley-To-Belly out of nowhere to eliminate Brooke.

Bayley Advances

*Commercial Break*

Mickie James Enters

We join this match in progress. Bayley fights up from a chin lock, but James soon takes her down with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Ronda Rousey is seen watching backstage. Bayley fights back, but James soon takes her down. James does a kip-up and goes to the top rope. James hits a flying Thesz Press and beats on Bayley.

The hugger starts to make a comeback and takes her down with a swinging back suplex. James musters some strength to kick her out of the ring. Bayley blocks a baseball slide and punches James. Bayley’s knee gives out, but she still manages to hit a cross-body. Bayley hits James with a running kick before going to the top rope. Bayley comes off with a diving elbow drop, but James grabs the bottom rope. James blocks the Bayley-To-Belly and punches her down. James connects with a big DDT to eliminate Bayley.

Mickie James Advances

Ember Moon Enters

As soon as Moon enters the fray, James immediately dropkicks her. James chokes her with a boot. Moon gets to her feet and Mickie goes for an arm drag, but Moon lands on her feet. Moon takes her down, but James avoids a dropkick for a two count. Moon comes back with a springboard cross-body block for a near fall. James rolls out of the ring to recover.

Moon comes running and James avoids a baseball slide, then kicks her. James goes to powerbomb her on the floor, but Moon holds the ropes. James then lets go and swipes Moon’s feet to send her crashing to the floor as we take a break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Moon and James ducking strikes. Moon finally connects with a kick for a near fall. Ronda Rousey is still watching the television sideways from backstage. James flattens her with a flapjack and kips up. James goes to the top rope, but Moon counters into a Codebreaker. Moon goes to the top rope and hits the Eclipse for the pin and the elimination!

Ember Moon Advances

Natalya Enters

Nattie comes running down to the ring and Moon quickly rolls her up for a two count. Moon avoids a discus clothesline for a two count. Moon applies a chin lock, but Natalya fights out. Moon quickly boots her and hits a swinging suplex for a two count.

Natalya dodges Moon coming off the top rope, and follows up with a discus clothesline for a near-fall. Natalya then attempts to apply the Sharpshooter but Moon counters into a roll-up for a two count. Natalya rolls-up Ember with a small package for the elimination!

Natalya Advances

Natalya awaits her opponent but out comes the entire Riott Squad. They stand on the ramp, and we don’t know who will be facing Nattie.

*Commercial Break*

Ruby Riott Enters

We come back from the break to see Riott applying a chin lock. During the break, Liv Morgan got a cheap shot in. Natalya fights out and hits a slam. Natalya rolls her up, but Riott kicks out and immediately clotheslines her down. Riott goes back to a chin lock to keep Nattie grounded.

Natalya eventually fights out and dropkicks her down. Natalya hits a pair of snap suplexes and slaps her. Riott quickly takes her down and goes for a reverse senton, but Natalya moves. Natalya covers for the elimination.

Natalya Advances

Sasha Banks Enters

Banks comes running down and gets on the apron, where Nattie tries to stop her, but Banks knee’s her in the head! Sasha gets in and ducks a clothesline to takes Natalya down. She follows-up by giving her double knees in the corner. Natalya fights back, but Banks takes her down with a DDT for a near fall. Banks looks to steal the win as we head to a break.

*Commercial Break*

Sasha pulls herself to her feet using the ropes. She attempts to kick Natalya but gets slammed to the mat. Nattie then runs up Sasha’s back, and dropkicks her for a two count. Nattie gets frustrated and looks for the Sharpshooter bus Sasha kicks her away. Sasha tries to roll her up but Natalya kicks out, then almost kills Banks with a discus clothesline for a two count.

Natalya applies the Sharpshooter and drags Sasha to the middle of the ring. Sasha struggles and crawls to the bottom rope… but Natalya drags her right back into the middle before she can grab it. Again Sasha crawls but this time she flips forward to send Nattie face-first into the turnbuckles. Both women are down.

Natalya grabs the legs but banks counters and applies a single leg Boston crab. Natalya fights it but as she reaches the bottom rope Sasha wraps her up in a pin attempt for a near-fall. As Natalya kicks out Sasha gets her in the Bank Statement! Natalya considers tapping before rolling backwards and standing with Sasha on her shoulders. Sasha climbs down but Natalya catches her with a release German suplex.

Both women slowly get back to their feet. Banks elbows Nattie from the corner, then hits a meteora for a two count. Banks looks for the backstabber but Natalya shrugs her off. Banks runs and Natalya lifts her up, throws her off for a facebuster. She then applies the Sharpshooter to Sasha and The Boss is forced to tap!

Winner: Natalya

After the match Natalya bends down and kisses Sasha’s head and thanks her, before Banks rolls from the ring. Ronda Rousey then makes her way down to the ring and she holds Natalya’s hand high. They then share a staredown before Ronda extends a hand and they shake. Nattie then poses for the fans again and both of them leave. They will go one on one for the Raw Women’s Championship, next Monday night!

That’s it for this week’s Raw! Next week there will be a triple threat match with Balor, McIntyre, and Ziggler, Seth Rollins Vs. Baron Corbin, as well as a Miracle on 34th Street Fight between Lashley and Elias, and Paul Heyman will be celebrating Christmas!

Let us know what you thought of the show and the new direction. Until next time, safe travels.

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