Roman Reigns Scheduled For Upcoming Appearences

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Roman Reigns announced that he was going home to concentrate on his health as he prepared to fight leukemia once again. This sad announcement on October 22nd was followed by The Big Dog leaving WWE and they’ve been trying to figure out what to do since then. 

We saw Reigns pop up at a Georgia Tech football game a couple of weeks ago, but his upcoming appearance at the Ace Comic Con was canceled and he was replaced by Becky Lynch.

Roman is rumored to have appeared at the Tribute To The Troops special which is set to air on December 20th at 8:00 pm on the USA Network.

Reigns is scheduled for the February 8th World Of Wheels show in Pittsburgh as well as the February 10th World Of Wheels event in Indianapolis.

Hopefully, Roman will not need to be pulled from those appearances and we’ll see him back on WWE television as soon as possible once he beats leukemia again.


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